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8 thoughts on “Stir Fried Broccoli – Zero Calorie Diet – Healthy Indian Food Recipes

  1. Anisha: Spare people the medical details about broccoli, health effects of
    garlic, etc etc concentrate on the recipe.. u are awfully tedious and
    boring when you continue to yap about medicinal values of food. It is rare
    of me to comment so forcefully about anything and anyone but you took the
    cake in going on and on for 3 minutes by which time the garlic was not even
    sauted!! Very sad that a young girl should do this. In mean it helps in
    digestive tract!! Ohh God

  2. Hello Anisha, just could not help sharing this with you; I have been
    cooking for decades and its always a good idea to start cooking with hair
    tied neatly. Its never a good idea to leave them dangling in the front –
    imagine the embarrassment if a guest discovers a ….well, take care

  3. No recollection of what she said. I dismissed this video exactly at 11
    A pretty face, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re understandable.
    I quit before she began the tutorial.


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