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24 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pancakes – Healthy Breakfast Recipes – Weelicious

  1. I honestly couldn’t hear anything but I was laughing the whole video cuz
    how your daughter was acting. I forgot what the video was about. Funny tho.

  2. I Just Like To Cook April 25, 2015 at 6:58 am - Reply

    I have a true weakness for sweet potatos. Literally… anything made with
    sweet potato is A ok with me!! Love the recipe. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love it!!! This is just how my home looks when my daughter is cooking with
    me. “I wanna do it. I wanna do it!!” It takes all of my energy to be calm
    and I’m exhausted by the end, yet it’s fun.

  4. HellooooBeautiful April 25, 2015 at 8:35 am - Reply

    I am appalled at the people who called her daughter annoying. What kid
    DOESN’T want to help cook? My DD isn’t old enough yet (11m), but my nephew
    is always wanting to do this or that, and he loses his shit if I tell him
    he can’t.

    Your daughter was just fine. 

  5. the chance of the eggs having salmonella is 0.05% so it’s unlikely she’s
    going to get food poisoning from the raw batter.

  6. Is it bad if she eats and tastes the batter? Sins it has raw eggs? I tried
    it once and it hurt my tummy. By the way great recipe. I always love making
    carrot pancakes because my son hates carrots! He’s only 2 1/2 so he doesn’t
    notice when I put them in the blender and add them into his morning
    pancakes 🙂 Please add more healthy breakfast recipes for kids :)

  7. Don’t worry about what they common about Chloe, people who have been
    watching your channel long enough knows you are all about cooking healthy
    food “with” your kids. You are great at finding ways to simplify cooking
    process so you can do it as an activity with them (by the way, haven’t seem
    Kenya for a while?) and it inspire me so much! Trying to bake or cook
    with kids are always going to be situation like this, same thing happens at
    my kitchen but it’s the best way to teach them and grow with them too.

    Thank you for another yummy and fun recipe activity =)
    Looking forward to see more coming!

  8. I like your recipes but I find it hard to watch your videos because I can’t
    understand what you are saying. There is way to much going on.. 

  9. Looks good. if you like brigth colours maybe you can use purple potatoes.
    well I must ty it. ^^ bonne chance

  10. Hi Catherine! Your Sweet Potato Pancakes look so delicious. I love watching
    you and your daughter cooking together.

    i hope you are having a fantastic summer there in CA.

    Greetings from Spain.

    ( I have your two books and i love recreating recipes of yours for my kids)


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