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19 thoughts on “Teen Behavior Expert JOSH SHIPP

  1. Anyone who sends kids to America’s most sadistic and abusive so called
    tough love behavior modification programs for “treatment” is not cool,
    quite the opposite. These places should not even exist never mind

  2. While I appreciate his message and think he is definitely inspiring, I wish
    he wouldn’t have said the part about how we all need an adult who sees who
    we could be. In younger teenage years, yes. But when speaking at
    universities, it’s important to remember that many of those students are
    already living adult lives and should not be treated as though they are
    still children who need adults to push them. They ARE adults and must be
    the ones to motivate themselves now.

  3. I have to say, he is the best motivational speaker I have ever heard. After
    leaving the conference I said hi to every person I saw. 😀

  4. Stop critiquing. He’s reaching people in a positive way. There aren’t many
    people doing that these days. I’m on this page simply because of
    accidentally watching a show called Jump Shipp. I was so impressed I wanted
    to see who this guy is. Keep doing you Josh!!! You’re awesome!

  5. @ViktoriaVision Adult might be the wrong word but I think for an individual
    that’s pushing through a hard time, a mentor or guide that has been through
    a similar hardship can be key

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