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16 thoughts on “The Best Broccoli Ever! Quick & Healthy Recipe for Baking Broccoli

  1. You might try adding ingredients into a large ziplock bag then shaking.
    Super easy way to get an even coat. Also, if you are not a big fan of
    lemon, try italian salad dressing. Great video! Alton brown would be
    flattered. :)

  2. I just so happen to have two bags of fresh broccoli florets in the fridge
    AND the EXACT same cheese you used as WELL as a jar of minced garlic,
    sooo…yeah..think I’m gonna try this. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll let ya know
    what I think. I know I’ll like it though cause I love roasted veggies of
    pretty much any kind.

  3. I made this dish and my kids loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I also made this with garlic powder and it tasted equally good.

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