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24 thoughts on “The Best Moonshine Corn Mash Recipe

  1. +cody franklin please reply to this comment, so I know you have seen it and
    I can reply back and know that you’ve seen it.
    sometimes, there is no reply button, and I’ve asked google to fix it.

  2. may i make a friendly recommendation that when you have videos that have
    recipes, to put the ingredients in the video description 🙂 thanks for the

  3. Wanted to ask
    Wouldn’t it be better to grind fruits and use corn flour?
    It should make mushing faster without losing quality.

  4. egg corn mill tants its and papiya friut smells bad also…i perfer pruno.
    maybe just some b vitmins also. idk everyones differnt. lets see you
    drink it…! that dont look crystal clear to me….how can u drink that! ?
    doesnt it rot ?

  5. Nice little video for a “cheaters” way to make corn whiskey. Why not use
    some malted barley instead of the amylase to convert starches (get the
    enzymes naturally)? I’m a proponent of all grain, and NO SUGAR! 

  6. Patrick Piekarski April 28, 2015 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Hello I was wondering when you make your cuts for this specific moonshine
    from heads to hearts to tails.

  7. well I ran it off I got 3 quarts of some pretty high A.V. I have not
    proofed it yet but when I do ill let ya know

  8. I think the optimum temperature for amylase activity for converting starch
    to sugar is 104 F, not 150 F. By the way I love your flour dough trick for
    sealing your upgraded still.

  9. I think the dried fruit and the way you cook n mix; gives the shine a good
    flavor!!! Had one batch that smelt rotten, tho; think it was the dried
    fruit 🙁 threw it out……. Temps are important n pay attention
    U-tubers!!! Thx. 4 vid, wcemichael

  10. Thank you for the great Video.
    I have a few small questions.
    1. How much water do I need for the Yeast activation.
    2. How much water do I need to dissolve the sugar.
    3. How much water do I need to fill up the bucket in the end of the Video?

    Thanks in advance

  11. What everyone here needs to know is that without the Amylase Enzyme, the
    corn (regardless of what type) WILL NOT CONVERT TO SUGAR! Unless you use
    fully malted corn, or some combination (over an extended ferment period) to
    convert the corn via malting, there is NO WAY to convert the corn starch
    into sugar via heat alone. Period. It’s simple chemistry. Otherwise all you
    get is a corn flavored (barely, and by that I mean vey little flavor) sugar
    wash. Fine for making “alcohol”, but not corn whiskey. If you follow this
    recipe properly, I promise you it will produce delicious, proper corn
    whiskey, And if you use a higher grade, better yeast, you can actually get
    much higher yields. I’ve done it.

  12. Great video! I’ve learned a great deal. I know that there’s no need for
    exact measurement on some stuff you’ve used. But I’m curious about the
    enzyme. How much do you think I need of that stuff for a 5 pound bag corn

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