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8 thoughts on “The Obesity Epidemic with Zoe Harcombe

  1. The great irony about saturated fat: if the animal that provides it grazed
    (instead of being forced to eat grains, soy and other crap), it’s fat
    contains vitamin K2, which is essential for (among other things) bringing
    the calcium in the blood to the place where it is needed (the bones). What
    we see now is that in countries that follow the low fat guidelines, the
    amount of osteoporosis has gone up as well as cardiovascular disease (the
    calcification of arteries). Only last year a study has shown that the women
    with osteoporosis, who were given extra calcium by their doctors, have more
    deaths by heart attacks because of an elevated amount of calcium in the
    bloodserum whilst still having osteoporosis! Why? Because we all lack K2 in
    our diet (in grassfed butter, milk, lard and meats) and K2 takes calcium
    out of the blood and into the bones.

  2. SaturatedFatsLover April 24, 2015 at 6:55 am - Reply

    Next time you MUST challange her.. not everybody eating sugar&carbs gains
    fat.. thats is actually the better term.. body weight gained does not
    necessary mean fat gain.. she is tottaly correct about the conflict of
    intrest but about carbs make us fat.. she MUST go back and study way better
    then that!! Low metabolism makes us gain extra body fat%..

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