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22 thoughts on “Tips for Baking with Coconut Flour

  1. Cheryl – I don’t know but will check with Bob’s Red Mill and see what they
    think. My guess is no as coconut flour seems to be “wetter” than most

  2. Could you pls tell me if i could make flaky pastry using coconut flour. As
    i tend to make a lot flaky pastry dishes.

  3. I have a recipe for coconut pie that calls for 1/2 cup bisquick. How do I
    substitute coconut flour or almond flour or flax flour?

  4. Hi there, I just happened to come across this video , it was very
    informative, I really enjoyed it and got lots of helpful tips , thank a

  5. Thank you. Enjoyed.
    Listing the names of the experts on the panel on the video description,
    would be helpful.

  6. …shouldve watched this before i started trying to make indian style
    flatbread with coconut flour….fuckin shit haha

  7. Coconut flour is a good gluten-free flour to add to a mix of other flours;
    it can be used on its own in certain recipes. You can learn more in the
    summary I put together based on this hangout video – see video description.

  8. I really enjoyed watching you all discuss coconut flour and how it can be
    used. I too would love to know what to add to it to make it crispy or how
    to use it as a breading. If that ever comes to fruition.

  9. I’M CUCKOO 4 COCONUTS!!! Coconut Oil, Sugar, Flour, Milk, Cream, Chips,
    Amino Acids, Syrup, Vinegar, etc.

  10. I love coconuts,I recall my days in puerto rico with my grandmami . After a
    good storm we gatherd them and ate them. I loved to eating out of them.the
    flavor brings me warm memories . A few days ago my husband was at the store
    and saw coconut flour. I didnt even know about . Ive learned so much
    already about the goodness of coconuts

  11. Donna – thanks for your input. The link to the post w/ recipe links and
    blogger sites is in the video description above (I can’t leave links in the
    comments section).

  12. Do most people use this flour in baking? Is it wise to use coconut flour on
    its own? or add to a mix of flours?

  13. Coconut flour is a good grain-free, gluten-free alternative, although I’ve
    found it works better when mixed with other flours like almond flour and
    brown rice flour.

  14. Thanks Suzie – will let you know if anyone figures the crispy coating
    recipe out using coconut flour – I have a feeling it has to be a good blend.

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