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17 thoughts on “Tomato Dal/ Pappu – By VahChef @

  1. Thanks chef. I tried this today.It really came out well. Chef::: i think
    you forgot to use chilli powder 

  2. Initial you added cumin seed, curry leaves n later why again we need to add
    same ingredients for tampering? we can skip in initial right chef?

  3. He just says boiled Dal – how do you get there – remember we are talking
    novices here – if i put this dal on the stove add water – how long will it
    take for the dal to boil? Anyone?

  4. Made this for my fiance tonight (he’s from AP) and he LOVED it! Here’s my
    silly blog which I made a few other Indian dishes. Check it out!
    tequilaandcheezits.wordpress(dot)com enjoy 🙂

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