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25 thoughts on “Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe Demonstration –

  1. thank you for the recipe, tried em very good, iam a 51 year old army vet
    livin in germany , never baked in my life, so i tried this one out and the
    cupcakes were very delicious. your instuctions and presentation were
    excellent. so thy again and i subscribed . god bless

  2. I tried these today and they turned out pretty good. Thanks for the recipe!
    Also, to anyone reading this: just so you know, these cupcakes don’t come
    out very sweet. They only have a subtle sweetness, so they’re perfect for
    frosting or for people who don’t like too much sweetness. Happy baking! :)

  3. اhi Stephan, i tried your recipe but i feel that it wants more sugar. can i
    add more sugar with the same recipe??thank you. this is my 4th recipe i
    tried and i made the chocolate cup cake twice

  4. Wow! These turned out delicious! The lemon zest definitely added a lot of
    flavor to the cupcake. I just added 2 pinches of salt instead of the 1/4
    tsp. thank you for sharing your recipe. Very simple and easy to follow. 

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