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  1. You keep doing your thing dan, you know it’s beautiful too see and watch
    you grow with me. I came across your videos 4 years ago now, and then came
    across Harley and freelee, I got totally sucked into carbs, white sugar and
    rice, right from an eating disorder, and I feel like I’m dying, I’ve lost
    no weight, and I’m chronically depressed and anxious…. I know I’m not
    doing what they promote, but it’s easy to twist “healthy” when your
    mentally sick. I just wanted to say that I’ve been there with

  2. You through all of these allegations, and I know as well as everyone else
    that you were just trying to make a living for you and your family. You
    remind me of my dad, he was treated really badly as a child, and he’s made
    some bad decisions, but he is the most playful, loving guy. I feel for you
    man, never forget you resonate with the deepest in us when you speak your
    truth. <3

  3. dan this christ conciosness stuff is bull…. i dont wanna see you in hell
    for eternity man… and i started watching your videos… about the raw
    food stuf… and then i slowly started to hear you mention liek all these
    spiritual terms… and i knew… clearly… he is an enlightenment…
    gnostic new ager… which everybody follows… and is teaching and
    constantly alluding to and making liek is some universal interdisciplinary
    cosmological system….. and yet its all a forbidden science!!! 

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  5. Now that salad looks great! I never tried avocado in my salads. Kinda
    scared, but I am sure I will get the nerve one day. I thought it was high
    in fat. No???

  6. It’s awesome! I did it for breakfast today. I modified it a little. So I’m
    sharing it with others: Dressing: 2 tomatos, 1 lemon(juice), 2-3 cloves of
    garlic, 1 spoon of oil(because I didn’t have any fresh herbs), basil,
    marjoram, chive and a half of a very little young onion. Salad: Salad(xD!),
    4 tomatos, 1 pepper(my family doesn’t really like it you can add more),
    young onion, 1 biiig cucumber. Hope it’s gonna help you.

  7. hi! luvd ur recipes n ur dedication.i m from india n we don’t have lettuce
    n zucchini commonly available here.could u make 1 of ur incredible salads
    from indian herbs.plzzzz

  8. Do you run barefoot, and have you considered ultra marathons? Because you
    look like your be amazing at it. And it’s also crazy good for you!

  9. @spartan1893 I know your comment is 4 months old so don’t get mad :L But
    your body dosn’t store vitamins like it does fats it just takes what
    vitamins it needs from the food you eat and the rest just pass through your
    body. =)

  10. I am no exception. I love food. I love greasy fattening sweet delicious
    food!!! Will this help me I find this interesting

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